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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Last Post here (maybe?ahakss!)

Assalamualaikum. Hey guys, haha I'm Back!!!

Ok, i'll cut the chase. This is my last post in this blog, unfortunately,hmm :'(
But no worries, I just wanna focus on one blog, my other blog, 
which you can visit anytime, anywhere (dgn syarat line internet mesti ada la *wink)

Ye la, ad blog banyak2 tapi tak terjaga pn buat semak aje kan?
So, i'm not gonna delete this blog for the mean time
(yeah, i've to study, i've important test this week,pray for me)

My other blog will contain mix languages (malay,english,japan,bla3),
 hahaha yeah
i like main campak harung redah aje though 
i'm an organized person (trust me X'D)

Well then, see you there!!


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